Top 5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs An Employee App


It may sound surprising, but when it comes to employee management, the challenges that small business owners and large corporate managers are facing are pretty much the same: 

  • How to make sure your people are engaged and motivated?
  • What’s the best way to provide them with all the data and knowledge they need in order to succeed?
  • How to reduce turnover and become the company people actually want to work for?
  • How to embed clear procedures and make your people stick to them?
  • How to collect feedback from your employees and improve the response rate?
  • What’s the optimal tool to provide immediate updates and make sure people actually get them?

As you see, at the end of the day, it all comes to the same thing: a robust employee communication flow and efficient tools to operate it. 

Today we are going to discuss the main reasons why an employee mobile app is the hottest trend in employee management in 2020 and why YOUR company needs one.

The Workforce Has Changed

The labor force has become younger and they bring a fresh, exciting perspective to the workplace, but also lots of challenges for those managing them. 

Many HR managers and business owners are trying to figure out a way to motivate and engage employees, but fail because they’re trying to make the youngsters fit into the old standards and rules. But the truth is, the so-called millennials already became the largest generation in the U.S. labor force back in 2016 and are projected to represent 75% of all employees by 2030. So instead of trying to change them, it’s right about time to learn how millennials want to work and live and update the employee management strategies accordingly to find the best employee management solution for the younger generation of workers.

Smartphone Is The New Swiss Army Knife

So modern employees are very different from their parents. They’re creative, tech-savvy, driven, ambitious…and glued to their phones. And that extends to their workplace too. This is the generation that will rather stay home than leave it without a phone. And would rather leave the job, if they’re not allowed to use it during the shift. So instead of trying to fight it, you can utilize it by offering your staff to go about all the necessary operational procedures right there, from the comfort of their own device: 

  • Clock in and out
  • Claim shifts
  • Check work schedule
  • Go over training materials
  • Request absences
  • Fill-in reports
  • Answer polls and questionnaires
  • Vote for the corporate party concept

All that can be efficiently done through an employee app, such as Connecteam: an all-in-one employee management app designed and built for the deskless employee. From retail to construction to hospitality to security guards and more, Connecteams makes it easier to manage all employees from one place: you can send immediate updates, operate, onboard and train your employees with customizable workflows and checklists, let them check-in and out, track hours for payroll, schedule shifts, assign tasks, collect feedback, and much more, all through a simple and user-friendly interface, that requires no special training whatsoever and costs a mere $29 a month for up to a 200-people organization.

You might think they can do all that on paper, but we have bad news for you. First of all, it’s not good for the environment or socially responsible to do so in 2020. And yes, your employees really do care about that. Just take our word for that.

Second of all, let’s just face it: they are reading their morning news on their phone while tuning in to their favorite podcast on a Bluetooth speaker, then they’re dimming the wifi-connected light bulbs and order an Uber to go to work or check the train schedule, all on (you guessed it) their phone. During the commute, they’re ordering their lunch, watching youtube videos, and scrolling through the social networks. All on their smartphone, obviously.

So when they basically do EVERYTHING on their phones, punching in with a wall-mount clock, or filling-in reports in a journal just won’t make sense for them and may very well be the reason for unnecessary frictions or even revolt.

But guess what? It’s not just the young crowd that is scrolling through their phones on a daily basis.

After all, at least 77% of Americans own a smartphone and they spend, on average, four hours a day on them. 85% of Gen-Xers and 67%of Baby Boomers own and constantly use smartphones too! 

Mobile Employees Need Mobile Solutions

At this point, you’re probably thinking: “Ok, ok, I get your point, the paper is outdated, digital is the way to go, but what’s wrong with the good old email, Excel forms, or logging-in via a desktop PC? That should be perfectly fine, right? ”

Well…it is fine for about 2 out of 10 average employees. Believe it or not, but almost 3 billion workers, or about 80%, of the world’s workforce, barely spend any time behind the desk. Their daily work is out there in the field, delivering packages, cleaning hotel rooms, fixing appliances, managing hospital floors, waiting tables, driving commercial vehicles, or serving as security personnel. 

Those mobile employees are constantly on-the-go, and often don’t even have a work email, let alone computer access. One thing they all have – a smartphone, and an employee management app might be the only way for a manager to effectively communicate to those deskless employees.

Streamline Communication

In our fast-paced world time is precious and sometimes it might be the most important asset for your business workflow. Quick and effective communication may not only win you additional money and clients but also prevent you from serious problems.

In many industries, such as manufacturing, security, construction, your people’s safety, and equipment condition is a big priority, and in case of incidents and mistakes, your ability to receive reports and fix the problems ASAP is crucial to minimize the risks and losses.

Automating processes and standardizing them is something that is important for every business. Employee mobile app is a perfect way for your employees to fill in reports, forms, checklists, requests, send pictures, claim and approve shifts on the go, in a matter of minutes if not seconds.

Keep Everyone On The Same Page

Weak employee communication not only slows down your business but costs a lot of money. Employees not sharing knowledge and not providing feedback cost Fortune 500 companies about $31.5 billion a year

Effective communication helps to avoid confusion, provides a purpose, boosts productivity, keeps everyone aligned, creates accountability, and also fosters a positive and healthy company culture, decreasing employee turnover rates.

On one hand, your employees are exposed to a lot of crucial information daily: they see the pitfalls and frictions first, they hear important customer concerns. Collecting insights from them might be priceless to improve the product and the service.

On the other hand, employees and especially non-desk employees might feel disconnected, so by staying in touch with them and sharing updates on a regular basis, you can increase their engagement, loyalty, and overall morale. Whether it’s an announcement, weekly goals, quick message, or public acknowledgment of someone’s results, sharing as many updates as you can to empower your staff and help them stay in the know, even if they barely come to the office.

And what is a better way to send an immediate update and make sure people actually receive it, than through a company-wide employee app, installed on everyone’s phone and sending push-notifications every time a manager sends out an update?

Bottom Line

The times have changed and so have the employee management: the lengthy training PDFs, daily shift journals and the paper cards to punch in-and-out don’t work in a fast-paced, digital world, especially when the vast majority of modern employees have no dedicated workstation, stress out after 10 minutes without their smartphone in hand and don’t have time or patience to scroll through your emails if they have a work email address as such.

In those conditions, an employee management app installed on staff’s personal devices is a must-have employee management solution that provides an easy way to communicate, a better way to let users report from the field and to keep everyone in the organization on the same page, while letting the managers and business owners track the team performance and stay on top of the things.

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