Joe Casanova on Service First Business Models with Influencers

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It’s a sunny day in Los Angeles, California and I’m on my way to Urth Cafe after doing a quick afternoon hike through Runyon. It’s 80 degrees out and the sun is beaming with not a single cloud in the sky. 

Days like these are when you see the documentation come out and I chose to go to the two most popular places to do a little mingling with influencers.

It’s quite surreal seeing the behind the scenes of this content that millions of people (followers) flock to give their opinion on whether it’s a like or a comment in real life. They are just normal people and for some reason, the world puts them on a pedestal. 

The same can be said about actors and musicians. They are just really good at doing their job. Imagine we treated rockstar accountants or Doctors the same way we treat people who were really good at their jobs in the entertainment industry. 

Well, I guess that’s Hollywood. Behind the glitz and the glamour, we really take a deep look into the value that these influencers are providing. After all, we’ve all come across a business that swears influencer marketing is the future. They are not wrong but it is the responsibility of the business to make sure the campaigns are being executed properly.

Joe Casanova has been working with influencers as far back as 2011. He gave us insight into the standards of how they work. Joe’s digital agency, Connections Collective, in Miami, FL services clients from David Beckham’s MLS team Inter Miami CF to Prive Luxury Rentals a real estate company based out of Los Angeles. 

He has extensive marketing experience and decided to transfer that knowledge to the world of influencers.

He shared with us that influencers typically get paid for posts. After the campaign finishes, in this example we’ll use a post left on for 24 hours on their feed, they will take a screenshot of the likes and amount of comments with statistics and just send it to the company. 

That is the form of metrics they are doing. They are not using tracking links, they are not tracking conversions, they are just simply screenshotting their posts.

Unfortunately, this is the standard that business allowed to happen. So who’s really at fault here? 

These are the same brands that don’t have Google Analytics set up on their website. 

These are the same brands that don’t provide links with UTM parameters so that they can be tracked properly. UTM parameters are tags you add to a URL. When they click the link, the tags are sent back to Google Analytics and get tracked. 

Influencers are behaving as if they are God’s gift to businesses when they should be thinking of how can they provide the most value?

Influencers are referring to companies as their sponsors. If only the thought of the companies as their partners, they would most likely provide higher value. 

Joe, also known as the influencer whisperer, is a serial entrepreneur who has scaled influencers on several opportunities. He’s monetized their brands and even helped them with manage their audience so they can offer brands more services like email marketing, SMS, and even running advertising to their following. 

He is currently working on his next book called Marketing for Influencers. This book, he explains, is a playbook that will cover almost everything that the influencer needs to do to become a legitimate marketer because influencers don’t know marketing they simply stumble across it. 

“Value focused first”, that is what his agency is about. Picking and choosing the right clients to service and focusing the additional resources into internal projects.

One of those internal projects is Furlough coined as the Next Era of Influence. 

Furlough is focused on the void in the market. Most business models focus on B2C (business to consumer) or B2B (business to business) but where is the business to influencer approach? 

Furlough’s mission is to bring influencers, brands, and fans together by helping guide the strategic planning with campaigns. 

On top of that, as social media showcases the lifestyle of the influencer he hopes that the Furlough platform will really showcase the behind the scenes giving depth to the influencer. 

Furlough’s next big move will be at the end of 2019 when he partners up again with Prive Luxury Rental in a new real estate acquisition in Tulum for an influencer summit for likes the world has never seen!

Furlough is running a contest if you want to be a part of the summit. 

Simply head over and fill out a questionnaire for a chance to win!