How to Use Instagram Stories Highlights to Your Brand’s Advantage

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Instagram Stories highlights is one of the most important features for today’s brands. It has half a million daily visitors. The reach is impressive, and it’s certainly worth your time to get to know this feature for business growth.

Like any useful marketing metric, it only makes a difference if you know how to use it to your advantage. You’ll want to develop a strategy for reaching the most people and enticing the most interactions. Here’s what you want to do.

Watch Your Competition

If you want to see just how effective Instagram Stories Highlights can be for your business, see how it’s working for your competitors. Note what a few of your top competitors are posting every day. Remember that these highlights disappear after 24 hours, so you’ll want to log on daily to keep up.

To determine how effective each post is, look at the numbers. You can look up Instagram analytics by username to see the success rate for each highlight based on the reach, likes, and other metrics.

As you evaluate these competitor accounts, you’ll get a good idea of which posts you can mimic and which you should avoid. You can create a totally unique strategy by taking the best things from each of your competitor’s best works.

Improve Your Content

Instagram is a totally visual platform, and Stories reflects that. You may need a brand new, high quality content strategy designed specifically for your daily highlights. The higher-quality, more engaging, and more authentic your content, the more interactions you’ll get.

You may already have a few ideas about how to improve your content based on things you’ve seen in the past, but here are a few suggestions.

  • Create a Story Series: One of the reasons Stories is so successful for brands is that it actually lets you tell a full story rather than showing simple snapshots of an event. Consider telling a story on a regular basis about something that’s going on with your business. For example, each time you get a new product, you can get onto Instagram Stories to share the process of discovering the product in your mailbox, opening it, and how you reacted to it. Include a healthy balance of the good and the bad in these stories to improve your authenticity.
  • Add Captions and Stickers: Captions improve the quality of the images or videos you’re sharing by adding extra information about your topic or essential instructions. For example, as viewers tap through their Stories feeds, the sound is often turned off. You can use a caption to tell them to turn their sound on. Another example is if you post a long, typed Stories update, remind readers that they can “hold to read,” as many users don’t realize that’s an option.
  • Make Screenshots: The goal of Stories is to provide more value to your customers so that they’ll keep coming back for more. Try creating story graphics brimming with useful information, reminding viewers to screenshot the story and save it for future reference. Put your brand’s name and handle in the graphic so that when they view it in the future, it’s clear that it’s yours.

These are just a few of hundreds of great ideas for improving your Stories game and getting more engagement from your target audience.

Show Off Your Products

Instagram is the best possible place to show off your products. This goes beyond posting photos from your product pages. You need to show your products in context, making them look so enticing that consumers will want to purchase them immediately.

Along with showing your own photos of your products, use content generated by your audience. For example, if a customer is happy with a product, they’ll probably post about it on their Instagram feed. You can screenshot a happy post and put it in your Stories, giving a shout-out to your valued customer. It gives that customer a moment of fame and reminds others how wonderful your products are.

You should also be using Stories to showcase new product launches. Build up excitement with your stories and then reveal what they are. Live videos work very well for a product launch as well.

Answer Questions –And Ask for More Questions

You probably get a lot of FAQs regarding products, customer service policies, guarantees, and more. Some followers may even want to know more about you and your team. Use your Stories to answer these questions in creative ways.

You can also use Stories to get more questions. There’s a feature called “Ask Me a Question.” A customer submits questions directly to you using an answer box so that you can answer them. Remember that you only have 24 hours until your story expires, so it’s important to answer quickly.

This tactic will elicit more engagement from your customer base, drawing in attention and encouraging more follows. It humanizes your brand and makes your products more enticing.

Promote Your Branded Hashtag

Your Instagram Highlights is the perfect place to feature a branded hashtag. These hashtags are created exclusively for use by your brand, and when consumers see one, they’ll know that it’s your brand that started a certain campaign. You can use a third party Instagram analytics platform to track which hashtags are the most effective as well.

A great example is the #FollowMyStory campaign started by Their followers are primarily composed of entrepreneurs. The company asked their followers to share a unique story about what inspired them. They had an overwhelmingly positive response, and the brand was able to use the responses to publish a book later on.

Highlight Customer Brand Mentions

This article has highlighted several examples of user-generated content because it’s so effective. Here’s another example of how you can get your audience involved in your highlights to make a huge impact on the reach of your brand.

Use a tool to monitor what people are saying about you. When set up properly, you’ll get a notification when someone mentions your brand. You can then use a screenshot of that content—whether it’s a review or a social post—in your Stories.

Consumers love to be recognized publicly and they also love getting recommendations. It’s a great way to market your brand more effectively and further your reach.