How to Prepare for and Pass the Google Certified Associate Android Developer Exam?

How to Prepare for and Pass the Google Certified Associate Android Developer Exam?

Dmitry Slepov

Android Associate Developer certification will prove for the employer your skills as an entry-level or junior developer even if you don’t have relevant experience. It will help you boost your career opportunities and get a good job in the IT sphere. Nowadays, this is one of the best possibilities to let the world know about your knowledge about Android development and start your career as a mobile developer.

A Simple Three-Stage Certification Exam: Overview

In 2016, Google introduced the Associate Android Developer Certification. The exam is aimed to show the type of skills and knowledge that a junior Android developer needs to possess in order to start a career in an IT company. By passing this exam, you will demonstrate that you are competent and ready to perform the tasks. The cost of the exam is $149.

The practical part of the exam lasts for 48 hours. It is divided into three stages which are as follows:

Stage 1 - Build code from scratch

  • You need to create some functionality for the application from scratch. You have to develop some activity and database structure or install a content provider.
  • Check the functionality with edge cases (for example, network conditions, rotation changes, etc.) to ensure good quality of the code.

Stage 2 - Add new functionality to the existing code

  • During this stage, you will need to build something new upon the existing functionality. Moreover, you need to have a good knowledge of Android components as well.

Stage 3 - Test the application for bugs and errors and fix them if any

  • You need to fix existing bugs in the code and create espresso tests to test the application’s UI.
  • You have to provide instrumentation and unit tests.
  • Ensure that all the tests have been already passed.

After finishing all the assignments, download your code in .zip format and submit the code for the review. You will get the results within 45 days.

What Things Should You Learn Before Enrolling to the Exam?

Each examination requires thorough preparation. This one is not the exception. According to Google, you will need to consult the study guide which is available on site.

It is a comprehensive guide containing the lists of all the skills and competencies you should have to pass the exam. However, Google encourages developers to conduct additional research if needed. Among the main things you should know, according to the guide, there are data management skills, Android core, user interface, testing and debugging skills.

Here are more details about the major things you should learn before passing the exam:

Testing and Debugging

  • You need to analyze application crashes and look for bugs such as memory leaks and layout errors.
  • A junior Android developer has to know how to write unit tests and the espresso test cases.

Application User Interface and User Experience

  • You should possess the knowledge of constructing layouts, applying both Java code and XML for the custom views and key framework UI elements.
  • You need to develop custom views applying accessibility description, themes to the views, implementing RecyclerView.
  • You have to know as well how to localize the user interface text into another language.

Fundamental Application Components

  • You need to manage the activity and fragment orientation changes, data loaders, life-cycle, deep links, async tasks, notifications, and implement code from external support library.
  • You must handle background services and plan a task by using the alarm manager.

Persistent Data Storage

  • You need to have good command over developing the SQLite database.
  • You have to know the shared preferences and content provider.

Enhanced System Integration

  • You must develop and upgrade the widget and know how to create instant notifications.

If you are not able to prepare for the exam by yourself, Google offers some courses for training for the exam. They can be taken independently or in special classes as well.

This certification is a good way to show that you are ready to work as an Android developer. Be well-prepared and gain needed knowledge in order to pass the exam and have the opportunity to pass a job interview with your future employer. The certificate is acknowledged globally that make it worth obtaining.

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