Save money on flights

10 Simple Tips to Save Money on Flights

To book cheap flights at certain times can be quite difficult.

Especially if you are not too sure about how to save your money on it.

It is important to take your time to search for these flight services which will give you the most savings on your tickets.

In this post, you’d get to see some simple tips on how to save on your flight tickets and travel.

1. Always book your tickets on Sundays

It doesn’t mean you’d go on the said Sunday.

According to reports by Expedia, there are more business bookings done on Friday, and these include airlines and hotel prices also. When you decide to book on Sundays, you can save up to 30%.

As said before, you don’t have to travel on Sunday, just book your flight then.

2. Change your travel time

If saving on tickets is what you want, then you do not need to be rigid on the day or time you wish to travel.

For example, if you want to travel between New York & Los Angeles, there might be an airline which offers multiple flights that day, (say seven to eight flights). If you desired to leave in the morning, you should investigate three or four different flights departure times, during this period.

You might also want to consider changing your departure time by maybe one or two hours too. These can save you some dollars.

3. Find the cheapest time to travel

There is a disparity in the price of flights. And this varies month by month, and according to the day and time of travel.

The service “Skyscanner” allows you to compare prices for airlines and tickets for a whole month.

This means that you can see the cheapest days to arrange your flight.

It is important to avoid weekends, as this can have a hugely significant impact on flight and ticket prices. You might consider using the Skyscanner app to compare your fare rates from Wednesday to Wednesday for instance instead of from Friday to Friday.

There are search tools you can use to view a graphical representation of the cheapest days of the week ahead to travel.

4. Buy your tickets late

This might sound strange. And it might even go against different other suggestions. But here is why purchasing of tickets late has proven to be very useful.

This is because airline operators often offer last-minute discounts to the remaining available seats, just so there won’t be any seats left to be unoccupied.

This way, you can find many inexpensive flight tickets online. You can also receive e-mail updates when these openings occur. This option is best if you are traveling alone without your family; Last minute reservations can be somewhat hectic!

Also, apply coupons when checking out so you’d pay even lesser.

5. Check for coupon sites and deals

When in need of cheap flight tickets, some coupon sites can come in handy.

10 Simple Tips to Save Money on Flights

There you’d get coupons to pay lesser and when you apply this option to the one above, you are sure to pay even far lesser on your flight ticket.

On the internet are many sites which will offer you rebates and kickbacks.

For example, coupons of popular flight website such as Cheap Flight Now you can find on Couppin site.

Using coupons can give you as high as 75% discounts, this alone might not even warrant you need any more discount. Using it with other tips on this list might mean you are traveling for free.

Some coupons give you cash off, while others give you both discounts and cash back.

6. Try out several airports

When you are searching for cheap flight tickets online, make sure to select different airports depending on your location.

Sometimes your departure time does not have many flights, and this allows airlines to charge for premium charges for the few flights available. Check through your search for wider options.

Also try to fly major airports such as Dublin, London or Manchester, where flights are considerably in larger numbers, this allows for lower prices because of the competition.

It might surprise you to know that the price of flight tickets varies depending on the departure terminal, and this can run into hundreds of dollars.

7. Use the best search engines

Most of the search engines for flights and travels have a “doctored” flight cost. This is because they have to collect their commission from the fares.

There are some search engines, however, (e.g. Expedia) which have more expensive listings. They are constantly inflating much higher than others do. A few search engines are listed below.



JetRadar (this includes many low-cost airlines which many other search engines do not)

Google Flights (this is a good search tool which helps to compare fast flights, but it is not always at the best prices.

This list, however, might not have listed in it the cheapest search engines, if these search engines do not include your choice, kindly run another search to get more and maybe better options.

After all, no search engine is perfectly perfect…

So, you might have to do a combination of different search engines to ensure that there are no results left out.

There is no guarantee that one search engine gives the cheapest flight ticket result all the time.

8. Get closer to Budget airlines

The Low-cost airlines offer much cheaper tickets than those who run full service.

It is evident that this comes with a compromise. Those such as reduces leg resting rooms, little or no free meal or drinks on board. This is, of course, covered in the flight tickets of the expensive operators.

If you’re consigned about the flight budget, which obviously is a great way to cut cost, you need to understand how the budget airlines work.

Understand which airports the flights take off or arrive.There are some low-cost airlines which fly to airports that are a bit out of town.

Be sure to have settled and paid for your luggage.

Remember to follow the restrictions regarding weight, height, and the number of extra bags allowed.

Some airlines might charge exorbitantly when you carry bags heavier than what is allowed. Remember to pay for the exact space and luggage weight you need, and have it in mind too that budget airlines charge lesser than the price of traditional carriers!

9. Read the fine print

There are airlines which will charge you extra fees if you do not print your ticket.

You must also adhere to their luggage and weight dimension and instructions.

An instruction of this fee is indicated in block letters on your e-confirmation slip. You should endeavor to read through the instructions.

10. Search for long distance flights and Book by yourself

If you are going somewhere, for example, from Canada to Australia, which normally includes a transfer, these routes could involve Canada to Los Angeles and then LA to Australia.

It could be cheaper to book these two “different” journeys separately and by yourself too. It is more like you booking another destination to your trip.

However, you must not book too tight layovers.

You must avoid booking layovers that are hours apart…

10 Simple Tips to Save Money on Flights

This technique is best for those who can create another destination which could mean catching their next flight a few days apart.

First, do you do your research and understand if there are any budget airlines in the country that you are flying to and where their destination is.

You can even book your layovers which can last for several days. This will allow you to see more than one destination and for the price of one too.

Instead of spending a day at the airport, you can spend several days, and this will afford you the opportunity to explore the city in which you are.

Have this in mind, if you want to book the cheapest flight tickets possible, it would not be from the award-winners in the industry, so you have to be adaptable.

You must also do your research. Then lastly know the budget airline’s requirements and their restrictions.

The tips above are sure to help you save a lot on your next trip. You must be willing to sacrifice a little bit of comfort anyway because some of the services are themselves running on a budget. Hope these tips help you.

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