8 TikTok Alternatives in 2020


This year, many big events have happened in the IT industry that caught a lot of attention from around the world. The most recent one would be the prohibition of TikTok in America. During recent years, TikTok has ushered in short video streaming trends around the globe, and it was said to be the most successful Chinese application which finally entered the international market.

However, a few months ago, President Trump decided to prohibit the use of TikTok in the United States, saying that this application has violated the Internet security regulations implemented in the country. To protect users’ privacy, TikTok was banned and could not be used in the country anymore. 

This was big news for those who rely on TikTok to entertain themselves or even make a living. But fortunately, there are still many excellent apps that can replace TikTok and continue in bringing you fun. So, in this review, I will delightedly share 8 alternatives of TikTok for you to be able to keep streaming videos in 2020.

#1. YouTube

YouTube is one of the largest online video streaming platforms today, with over 600 hours videos uploaded within every minute. On YouTube, you can easily discover videos of all categories. Also, YouTube can work like TikTok in recommending some videos according to your streaming history. It has both web-based platforms and mobile apps, so you can easily choose the version you like for easier access and based on your needs. 

In addition, there are a lot of powerful YouTube video downloaders on the market which can help you keep the YouTube videos you like for offline playback with the same quality, just like VideoHunter, 4K Video Downloader, YTD Downloader, and so on.

#2. Byte

Byte is also a free app like TikTok. It is invented by the same creator of Vine. Byte allows you to edit and share videos easily and freely. You are able to import the videos you have recorded outside of the application and then edit them with its provided easy-to-use editing features. In addition, you can also use the built-in camera of Byte to immediately shoot six-second videos for uploading to your personal page. Byte has seen a surge of in app downloads and is regarded as a powerful alternative to TikTok.

#3. Dubsmash

Dubsmash is also a good alternative to TikTok because it provides many of the similar popular features as it. So it won’t be hard for you to understand the platform even if you are a new user. Actually, Dubsmash has been released for several years so it is a mature app and offers very reliable functions. Over 100 million downloads can clearly claim its popularity. 

Also, in order to cater with the current video streaming trends, Dubsmash also added music variants, filters, emojis, and text overlays to make the program and its functionality more suitable and comprehensive for users. From these aspects, Dubsmash can be a good choice to replace TikTok.

#4. Snapchat

Instead of being a simple video streaming platform, Snapchat is also an application which provides convenient messaging service. Users of Snapchat can communicate with their friends by sending text, photo and video messages. In recent years, as Snapchat also developed into the field as TikTok did, it gained even greater success. 

Today, many Snapchat users also use this application to stream short videos shared by others for fun. In addition, they can also upload a short form video that will automatically disappear after a period. Snapchat is quite simple to use and is a really multifunctional app!

#5. Likee

Likee is also an ideal TikTok alternative that offers simple but comprehensive video editing features that allows you to edit the short videos within very simple clicks. Filters, stickers, and more appealing features like slow motion, speed up, etc. are available inside Likee. In addition, Likee also allows you to lipsync to music and dialogues, creating short, witty and funny videos, in that you can have more vivid and active video clips for sharing with your friends.

#6. Triller

Triller is quite an easy-to-use app which allows every user to simply create, edit, and share video clips. Many users have used Triller for sharing dancing, lip-syncing, and comedy videos, which works just very similarly to TikTok. The editing library of Triller is rich, containing over 100 filters and editing tools. 

Also, Triller has adopted an AI editing technology which assists you to have the ability to make multiple videos on one track at different lengths. With such powerful functionality, Triller should be an excellent choice if you are considering a new TikTok alternative.

#7. Vigo Video

Although TikTok is occupying a very large market share today, Vigo Video can still be its competent competitor. Vigo Video functions in a way that is much like Snapchat and Vine, in which users can edit then share videos at only 15 seconds long. The time limitation set here has greatly challenged the video makers to find a way for presenting their best stuff. 

Vigo Video provides lots of beautiful filters to let you personalize your video clips to be more outstanding and attractive. Like TikTok, if you reach a certain number of followers in Vigo Video, you can also earn profit through getting a large amount of interaction from other users.

#8. Firework

Firework provides functions which are similar to TikTok, but the big difference between them is that Firework could make people focus more on the quality of the videos they create instead of simply chasing a large number of followers. So, in Firework, you will pay much attention to the video editing process with the help of Firework’s helpful editing tools. 

In Firework, there also sets some weekly video challenges with a mighty reward, so users have more chances to have fun and interact with the app regularly, even win a prize! Therefore, Firework is also a good alternative to TikTok that can help you gain many audiences!

Although TikTok may not be used in the United States anymore, you still get lots of TikTok alternatives to try. These 8 great video editing and streaming applications can be your ideal choices. Compare them and enjoy your video streaming journey continuously!

Written by Barbara McGee

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