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The season to be jolly is around the corner, with it comes the quest for the perfect gift, for that special person. Here are a few gift ideas, that not only are cool, but are game changers in their niche.

Game Changing Ride - Nuviz Hud


  • The Nuviz is the first of its kind. A head-up display designed for motorcyclists.
  • It is state of the art technology with a Qualcomm quad-core processor, LCOS microdisplay, GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter,HD camera, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.
  • The controller, which can be positioned on the handlebar, works seamlessly with the HUD interface.

The Nuviz is the perfect gift for the tech-loving motorbike enthusiast. It is a game changer for motorcyclists, now they get the functionality of a smartphone minus the distraction and potential danger.

In addition to the normal functions like accepting or making phone calls, and listening to music, the Nuviz’s main selling point is most probably navigation. There are a lot of “creative” solutions on the market but I doubt any of them can beat a head-up display when it comes to function and practicality. Although I believe that the built in camera deserves a place in the spotlight too.

The Nuviz is a little bulky and expensive, nearly $700 on Amazon, but so is a GoPro camera and it only takes pictures.

Game Changing Vape - VUSE Alto®


  • The VUSEVaporSystem™ that drives the technology behind the device provides a smooth, quiet and satisfying vape experience.
  • The design is a standout because of its modern look and feel.
  • Well-thought-out features. VUSE Alto® does everything you need it to do, but with minimum complication or intrusion.
  • Price. Great technology and large, long-lasting flavor pods, all at an affordable price.

If you know an adult who wants to switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping you can’t go wrong with introducing them to VUSE Alto this holiday season. We think it’s a game changer because it hits the trifecta: performance, design, and price.

VUSE Alto provides a satisfying draw with a full cloud of vapor and rich, but smooth, tobacco taste. The design makes it easy to hold, enjoy, and drop into a back pocket. And, it’s very affordable. You get all the benefits of a well-designed piece of technology without any of the premium pricing.

The VUSE Alto Original Kit comes with a central battery unit, one Original flavor pod, and a charger. All the connections are magnetic, so you don’t have to fumble around as everything easily snaps into place. And it lets you vape while Alto is charging.

There’s an unobtrusive LED light in the central battery unit that lights when you take a draw or when the battery needs to be recharged. It’s pretty effective and about all the communication you will ever do with your device.

All in all, VUSE Alto is a game changer and stands out on all counts. It’s thoughtfully designed to make the switch from cigarettes to vape as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Game Changing Coffee - Wacaco Nanopresso


  • Because it is coffee

There might be more arguments against the Nanopresso, than for it, when you look at it from a practical point of you, but it is a game changer when it comes to coffee drinking.

This little pocket-sized espresso machine turns everyone into a barista. For under $30 it is the perfect gift for any coffee drinker, even if they have the best espresso machine at home. With this little machine you can have the perfect cup of coffee no matter where you are, on the road, at friends, camping or at work.

Although there is a lot of assembling and muscle power needed until you manage to squeeze a little cup of espresso out of this machine, the satisfaction you get is worth the labor. No matter where you are, you can always have a coffee the way you like it.

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