Qantas preparing star-studded A380 demo flight
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Qantas preparing star-studded A380 demo flight

Humphrey Cheung

Los Angeles (CA) – Qantas Airways is planning to treat movie stars and politicians to a demonstration Airbus A380 flight in October.  The airline has filed a special Department of Transportation request to takeoff from Los Angeles International Airport and then land back at the same airport after a “several hour” flight.

The demo flight will take place after the airline’s inaugural revenue flight lands from Melbourne to Los Angeles on October 20th.  Qantas will use the A380 for once weekly between Melbourne, Sydney and Los Angeles.  Back in March 2007, the A380 landed at LAX for the first time to the cheers of thousands of aviation enthusiasts.  You can watch our video of the landing here.

The A380 configured for Qantas will seat 450 people.  The A380 is the world’s largest passenger aircraft and Airbus is already considering a special extended version of the plane that can seat 1000+ passengers and already Lufthansa and Air France-KLM have expressed interest.  Oh if you thought boarding times were rough on a jumbo jet, seating 1000 people is going to be an epic experience.

So we wonder which movie stars will be sitting in coach during this flight?  Perhaps it will be the famous rapper P. Diddy who recently posted a YouTube video bemoaning high fuel prices and having to fly coach between Los Angeles and New York.