YouTube adds closed captioning
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YouTube adds closed captioning

Humphrey Cheung

Mountain View (CA) – Tired of watching your YouTube videos and not understanding what the heck the people are saying?  Well now YouTube has added closed captioning and is allowing video uploaders to add captions in more than a hundred languages.  The captions also have a nice benefit of allowing YouTube to potentially better embed ads into the videos.

The captions are added in the “Captions and Subtitles” menu in the editing page during the video upload process.  You can set multiple captions by uploading a separate file and captions can be in up to 120 different languages.

Video viewers simply click in the bottom right-corner to enable the captions.  If a video has multiple languages worth of captions, they can be toggled without leaving the video.  Captions show up as white on black text centered in the bottom-middle of the video clip.