China opens world’s largest airport terminal

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China opens world’s largest airport terminal

Beijing (China) – In preparation for this summer’s Olympics, China has just opened the world’s largest airport terminal in Beijing.  More than 50 million people will scamper through this terminal which is nearly two miles long and has 120 gates along with 73 aircraft parking spots.

BBC via Daily Motion

The mega terminal resembles a Chinese dragon and the triangular windows signify the dragon’s scales.  Divided into three sections, the structure is the largest covered building in the world and cost $3.6 billion to construct.

Of course you can have a huge airport terminal without a massive baggage system.  Beijing Airport claims the new computerized system can process 20,000 bags per hour and that passengers will be able to pick up their luggage within 5 minutes of a plane unloading.  I’ll believe it when I see it, but hey it has to be better than LAX right?

Approximately 45.5 million airline passengers visited Beijing Airport last year making it the ninth busiest in the world.  China expects the new terminal to boost airport capacity to 76 million a year.

The new terminal is just part of Beijing’s massive infrastructure build out for the Olympics.  In total, the city will spend $40 billion in roads, highways and subways for the big games.


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