Leno, Domingo get keys to BMW Hydrogen 7
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Leno, Domingo get keys to BMW Hydrogen 7

Wolfgang Gruener

Following actor Will Ferrell, talkshow host Jay Leno and famed tenor Plácido Domingo are the latest celebrities to receive the keys for a hydrogen-powered luxury car from BMW. The auto maker said that it has delivered a 7-series based, 260 hp Hydrogen 7 to Domingo on Tuesday of this week. Leno got his Hydrogen 7 on September 17.

BMW maintains that the Hydrogen 7 is not a prototype, but a production car, yet the model cannot be purchased. Instead, the cars are given to “prominent figures in entertainment, politics, business” for their daily use. BMW also provides the cars to celebrities at public events, such as movie premieres. The only way for non-celebrities to have a look at these models are car shows or special events at BMW dealerships around the country. According to BMW, more than 1.3 million miles have been covered with Hydrogen 7 cars so far.

The company did not say when a hydrogen-powered BMW could become commercially available.