Itinerary through the roads of Leh - Ladakh

Itinerary through the roads of Leh - Ladakh

Leh - Ladakh! This is a destination etched in every traveler’s mind because it is not just a destination, but a solitude giving paradise on earth. First, let us sum up the reasons why Ladakh should always be on the top of your bucket list.

To sweep away the scenic beauty through eyes and conquer the taste buds if you are a foodie.
To indulge in vibrant, indigenous cultural festivals and lose yourself in the barren panorama.
To bring the photographer in you to light and win over the highest treks and mountain passes.

For traveling Leh-Ladakh and have a visit around all the place completely, you need a minimum of 7 days to quench your travel thirst. When you travel with friends, they always redefine falling in love by riding bikes to places like Ladakh for the adventure and thrill. You can rent a bike online or offline if you don’t own one! The bike should be as powerful as the roads are challenging in Ladakh. I prefer Royal Enfield Himalayan as it is good to take control over slippery regions and offroad during the journey. Now, let me share you the places you need to check-in when you are there in an itinerary order making your travel easy.

As soon as you reach there, you need to rest and settle down yourself for acclimatizing to the climate. After that, start exploring and experience the magic of Leh - Ladakh. All the tourist attractions available in Ladakh offers scenarios for nature lovers and sports activities for an adventurer.

Let’s start the trip now.

Leh Palace and Monasteries

Stumble up Leh’s rich history and culture when you visit the royal home of King Sengge. Today, the palace has been converted into an exhibition center and displays glimpses of old architecture as well.

 Itinerary through the roads of Leh - Ladakh

Buddhist monasteries present in the Ladakh region are years old and have a close connection to the city’s culture. Some famous monasteries in Leh-Ladakh are the Hemis, the Thiskey and Shey monasteries. Each one of them has different statues, made of gold and silver but there is a common thread of tranquility running through them. All the monasteries in the city hold a rich Tibetan architecture which will make people go in awe.

 Itinerary through the roads of Leh - Ladakh

Nubra Valley

Your next stop must be Nubra valley via Khardongla Pass which is a 6-hour long drive. The dramatically changing vistas over this travel need to be witnessed to be believed! Nubra Valley gives you the perfect example of contrasting landscapes and the Hunder Desert in its heartland. Plan a night in this place because Nubra Valley and Hunder have a lot to offer in the nights.

 Itinerary through the roads of Leh - Ladakh

The Hunder Sand Dunes with silvery magnificence in the middle of the valley has rare double-humped camels and there are a lot of adventure sports that you can enjoy at this place. Take a camel ride, go horseback riding or sit in a hot-air balloon and catch amazing sights of the area. The prices of these sports are high during Fridays and you can bargain for decent prices.

For the night, you can set up your camps near the lake in Nubra Valley. If you don’t want to set your own tents, then pre-book into one of the already set camps where you can enjoy great outdoors with all amenities. You can also try out trekking through the valley or enjoy some time in a picnic by the gushing stream.

Other Sightseeing options nearby: Maitreya Buddha, Samstaling Monastery, Panamik Village, Yarab Tso Sumur.

Pangong Tso Lake

Travel 220 km long, round-trip excursion via the Changla Pass and spend an entire day at the Pangong Lake which raised to fame from the 3 idiots movie. You can spot a few exotic birds on the lake and have a surreal experience watching the mystically beautiful lake with stoic mountains around changing colors through the day. You can also visit the Spangmik village for scenic walks which is just 7 km away from the Pangong Lake.

 Itinerary through the roads of Leh - Ladakh

Note: Visiting Pangong Lake will need the Inner Line Permission.

Magnetic Hill and Whitewater rafting

If you want to settle for something less unnerving, take a tour to Magnetic Hills to witness the magic of mountains pulling up vehicles as you drive along closer. It’s just an optical illusion and vibrant physics behind it. Reserve a day for Sangama, the confluence of the Indus and Zanskar Rivers and they are the white-river rafting points too - the adventure begins at Spituk.

 Itinerary through the roads of Leh - Ladakh

Things to be taken when you travel to Ladakh

Ladakh is a place where landslides, floods, snowfall can happen anytime, like anytime and you can never expect them. When you are taking your bike for the trip, make sure you take full control of your ride and carry all the mechanical parts you’d require in case of emergency. Wear helmets and gears from international brands to keep yourself safe. Check into maps for mechanic shops before you start your trip to use them when you need!

Other than that, make sure your bag has sweaters, jackets, socks, sunscreen, aspirin, and other basic tablets with you to make your trip an awesome experience!

Happy Riding Folks! :)