Will iOS 4 threaten RIM’s corporate dominance?


RIM’s Blackberry smartphone has become synonymous with corporate America. But does the advent of Apple’s iOS 4 herald the end of a Blackberry-dominated era?

Well, it just very well might.

Indeed, a Sybase spokesperson told TG Daily that IT departments across the nation are “bracing themselves” for a “surge in demand” to bring iPhones into the enterprise.

“According to a new study of more than 2,000 survey respondents, more than a third of respondents who don’t own an iPhone said they would consider purchasing one for work purposes based on the new features of both iOS 4 and iPhone 4,” explained the spokesperson.

“With features offering more enterprise support, the iPhone 4 and accompanying iOS 4 software are going to become the latest, must-have business tool.”

The spokesperson also noted that Apple had introduced a number new business-friendly options in iOS 4, including advanced e-mail sorts, true multi-tasking and remote data wipe capabilities.

“[However], the ability to multitask between apps is the most anticipated, with 43 percent choosing multitasking over any other new feature.

“[And] the fact that multitasking is supported on iPhone 3GS models as well as the new iPhone 4 bodes well for original iPhone users who want to extend their investment and may pose increased demands on company IT departments as they will seek new support,” added the spokesperson.


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