Important Features A Dash Cam Should Have

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You never have and never will stop worrying about the well-being and safety of your loved ones. However, the growing threats in today’s society have got us worried whether or not our near and dear ones are safe. You never know when an incident occurs with you or your loved one. Hence, it becomes essential to stay vigilant at all times. 

There are several ways that you, your loved ones, and your car’s safety could be in jeopardy. Just the thought of this could put you on the edge of your seat due to fear. In circumstances like these, it becomes indispensable to equip your vehicle with a car tracking device such as a dash cam. There is a huge market for them but not all of them are substantial and multi-functional. 

car dash cam

With a plethora of threats, a device like KENT CamEye becomes a necessity. It is an extremely efficient car tracking device and much more; it serves the purpose of many devices in one. Here are a few features out of many that KENT CamEye possesses to help ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Dual Camera

Most dash cams in the market have only one-way camera that faces towards the traffic on the road. It is somewhat ineffective to know the passengers and the drivers in the car. This opens up plenty of opportunity for your chauffeur or your teen to misuse your vehicle. To avoid this misuse, KENT CamEye comes handy as it comes with pre-installed dual camera that covers footage of inside and outside the car. That’s not all, the camera comes with a face recognition feature that identifies the driver of the vehicle.

Overspeeding Alert

Rash driving has claimed many lives in the past; it not only puts the reckless driver in danger but also others on the road. India ranks amongst the top when it comes to deaths due to road accidents, one in every nine death is caused because of it. A dash cam doesn’t suffice when it comes to tracking the quality of driving of your chauffeur or teen, and you can only access data in video form. This is where receiving over speeding alerts on your KENT CamEye mobile application comes in handy. As soon as the car goes above your set speed limit, you will immediately receive an alert on your phone.

Live GPS Tracking

Dash cams are useful when it comes to getting footage of your trips, but are ineffective when it comes to tracking the whereabouts of your vehicle. To monitor your car, you must install an additional GPS device; this means that an additional cost is involved in making your vehicle and the passengers safe. KENT CamEye is a device in which you can not only access the live footage of your car with a dual camera but also GPS track it. You can also pan and zoom the camera for a detailed view of the passengers inside the vehicle. 

Cloud Storage

There’s a plethora of car tracking devices in the form of dash cams, and it is only growing with time. However, one of the significant setbacks of these devices is the storage. These dash cams have close to nothing when it comes to internal storage, and you’d have to depend on an SD card to store your data. However, with KENT CamEye you get plenty of internal data and cloud storage as well. You can access your footage from anywhere around the world easily and save it on your device.

Device Hampering Notification

Anyone can take disadvantage of your vehicle behind your back and if you think a dash cam would prevent this, then you are mistaken. A dash cam can easily be covered or plugged out by the person trying to take unfair advantage of your car in your absence. However, KENT CamEye is equipped with the latest technology to send you alerts through the app on your phone when the device is blacked out, plugged out or when an attempt to reboot is made. You can immediately call out the person concerned and save your vehicle and your loved ones from any security threat. 

KENT CamEye is a modern device with features way ahead of dash cams or any other car tracking device in the market. It is an easy to install device, and even the app can be downloaded easily off the app store. You can get KENT CamEye delivered to your doorstep by ordering it from Amazon. With so many features, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing your loved ones and vehicle are protected.