Now TI is doing an e-reader too

Another firm is set to jump on the e-reader bandwagon – and this time it’s giant semiconductor company Texas Instruments.

That’s according to a report in the Wall Street Journal – it says that it will announce microprocessors and software aimed at the nascent market.

It will show off a sample e-book reader at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

According to the WSJ, TI will bring something new to the e-reader party. It will integrate four different hardware functions, so making it possible to assemble an e-reader that doesn’t cost as much as they do now.

It will also integrate power management circuitry to prolong the battery life of e-readers and will be able to support color and black and white E Ink screens, said the Journal, here (subscription required).

While sales of e-readers are set to shoot up during 2010, the technology is still in its early days and no-one – publishers nor manufacturers – have yet come to a consensus how to sell books and e-readers without antagonising buyers.

After all, given the choice of buying an e-reader and a top selling paperback together, the cost for both is such that only the keenest geek would take the plunge.

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