How to take on a boxing robot

Would you go toe-to-toe in the ring with a robot? Well, Australian designer Kris Tressider has with his Punching Pro robot trainer. 

The Punching Pro can indeed take a punch in his soft head and chest, but be careful of those arms. The robot’s flailing arms swivel on wheels from a golf cart, powered by windshield wiper motors. 


You can switch up your sparring partner’s intensity with a dial that controls speed and agility or you can take him on in “martial arts mode” where he will kick your ass with a mean left hook and a hard right jab.

Ok, so maybe the robot isn’t that tough but the semi-randomized movements make for an unpredictable partner, which can only improve your boxing game.

The robot will be available for around $1,000 Australian dollars ($1,053 USD) for those who are willing to take on an automated machine in the ring.

Watch out Rocky and Drago! 


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