Nvidia debuts Project Kal-El in Barcelona

Nvidia has debuted its next-gen quad-core mobile processor at MWC. Dubbed “Project Kal-El,” the chip was showcased running in an Android tablet that rendered high-res video games and streamed 1440p video content on a 2560×1600 panel.

According to Nvidia’s Mike Rayfield, Project Kal-El boasts a 12-core GeForce GPU and is capable of displaying “extreme HD.”

In addition to taking the wraps off Kal-El, the company offered a glimpse of its mobile (Tegra) road map, which includes projects Wayne, Logan, and Stark – each slated for launch in a “steady one-year cadence” over the next three years. 

“You might well ask, what on earth can be done with the nearly 100x improvement in performance over Tegra 2 that Stark will provide in 2014? 

“[Well], our customers and partners have already indicated that they’re confident they can use everything we give them,” said Rayfield.

Meanwhile, an Nvidia rep told TG Daily that Kal-El is already sampling and will be available in tablets by August and in phones around Christmas 2011. 


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