Sweet! Google showcases Android Honeycomb

Google’s Android devs have released an official video demonstrating the awesome sweetness of Android Honeycomb (3.0).

Designed from the ground up, the next-gen operating system is optimized for devices with larger screen sizes, such as, yes, you guessed it – tablets!

The video is pretty cool, and from an initial glance, the OS seems quite polished and perhaps even ready to give Apple’s sexy iOS a decent run for its money.

Highlights include:

A “full” web experience with Adobe Flash (battery drain, anyone?)
  • Google ebooks (take that, Kindle and Nook!)
  • Tablet optimized Gmail (No more squinting!)
  • Newly designed YouTube for Honeycomb (Yes, I am a bandwidth hog!)
  • Full-screen Google Talk (OK, can’t wait for this!)

My take on Honeycomb and its implications for the Android ecosystem?

Forget about buying a cheap-ass Android tablet that runs anything less than Honeycomb. 

Yeah, the Samsung Galaxy Tab may be fairly respectable (rather than cheap), but at the end of the day, next-gen Honeycomb tablets make it look like nothing more than an oversized phone suffering from an acute identity crisis. 

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