Is Motorola’s Defy virtually indestructible?

You can drop this tricked-out smartphone onto a hard slab of concrete and submerge it in a cup of water. Is Motorola’s Android-powered Defy virtually indestructible?

Well, as Phandroid’s Quentyn Kennemer notes, Defy recently generated a lot of attention after Motorola claimed its rugged device was ready to take on any beating.

“[So, retailer] Expansys decided to test the Motorola Defy’s [toughness]. They first dropped the phone several times on concrete [and] then submerged [it] in water,” wrote Kennemer.

“They did this while the phone was on and were able to use the device right after taking it out of the cup.

“[Yes], stuff happens [to a phone], [so] it’s nice to know that the Motorola Defy lives up to what Motorola said it’s going to be.”


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