Weekly LAN Party Update

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Weekly LAN Party Update

Today we’re pleased to announce a new feature here at THG HardNews – the Weekly LAN Party Update. With the amount of LANs that have popped up around the country and internationally as of late, we believe that it is our duty to keep you informed regarding some of the larger, more worthwhile events. As such, if you’re creating or know of any large LAN parties that are being held within the next month or so, whether they’re in Europe, the USA or Asia, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Without further ado, let’s get on with it. Firstly, the largest LAN in Massachusetts, LANChelms, is taking place this weekend at the Sts. Vartanantz Armenian Church. Holding 100 people, pre-bookings cost $25 while you’re also able to pay $30 to enter at the door. The price of entry gets you the following luxuries, making it certainly one of the most generous LAN events we’ve seen, especially considering its respectively low admission cost:

– A sub of your choice for lunch
– Half of a large pizza for dinner
– As much soda as you can drink
– Tons of assorted snacks to munch on
– Cookies for dessert
– 1 Raffle ticket for a chance to win lots of prizes
– A 10/100 switched network plug (with gigabit uplinks)
– A single power plug
– Adequate table space and a moderately comfy chair

Check it out here.

The second LAN event taking place this weekend, PDXLAN, is significantly larger (500 people all up), being held at The Holiday Inn Conference Center in Oregon and costing a whopping $50 for entry. However, this includes raffle tickets, entry to the door prize drawing, a gift bag, tournament entry, a selectable seat, unlimited soda and a souvenir cup. Additionally, there are a number of tournaments taking place at the event, including Halo PC 3v3, UT2003 1v1, Counter-Strike, BF1942, WC3, Starcraft: Broodwar, Desert Combat, Halo Xbox, MOHAA and Quake 3, ensuring that you’ll have an enjoyable, competitive time no mater what type of game you’re into. Overall, being networked by Comcast, this coupled with the aforementioned factors should make for a very successful event.

More information is available here.