Napster makes digital music more convenient

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Napster makes digital music more convenient

Napster has recently unrolled a number of new strategies in order to get its products out to a broader audience. These include:

– The Napster Card is a pre-paid card, offering 15 downloads for $14.85, allowing music fans, for the first time ever, easier access to Napster’s digital music without using their credit card on the Internet.

– Napster-brand recordable optical media will be available exclusively at Target stores across the country and is the result of a partnership between Napster and Imation Corp. This partnership, the first of its kind, ensures customers that their online music collection can be permanently and securely recorded onto a Napster-branded disc from a name they can trust.

Both the pre-paid download card and Napster-brand CD-Rs will be made available on February 15, 2004 exclusively at Target stores nationwide.