Weekly LAN Party Update

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Weekly LAN Party Update

It’s time for another weekly LAN party update, and you’ll be pleased to hear that this weekend there are two more events for you to attend. As always, keep forwarding any LAN news on to us and we’ll be sure to give it a posting if it co-incides with our update schedule.

First up we have SanLAN, located in San Antonio, Texas and boasting an estimated 200 people in attendence. Attending the LAN will set you back a sizeable $35, however, you certainly get your money’s worth as it runs from 8pm Friday to 8pm Sunday. Many security measures are being put into place to ensure that the LAN goes off without a hitch, and there’ll even be a police officer on location to avoid any unnecessary disturbances.

More information is available here.

Secondly, a smaller LAN is being held at Coral Springs, FL, with 83 people already confirmed for attendance. Specifically, the event is located at the La Quinta Hotel, and runs over two days (Saturday and Sunday) with 15 hours worth of gaming each day. Like the above-mentioned event, entry for this LAN is $35, and comes with a free meal as well as discount lodging for overnight stay.

Check it out here.


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