Weekly LAN Party Update

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Weekly LAN Party Update

Here’s a list of this weekend’s LAN parties – there’s quite a number of them being held this time round!

First up is Ground Zero Armageddon, an event located in Omaha, Nebraska that at the time of writing has 115 registered out of 120 possible seats. With a $0 entry fee, you better get in while it’s hot!.

Next is Net Force Arena in Pensacola Florida – a smaller event that has just 65 signed up, but some nice cash prizes nonetheless. Check it out here.

Even smaller than NFA, High Tech High LAN has 47 people registered. It is a class fundrasing event and $10 gives people the good feeling of helping the school as well as fragging a few friends. Sounds fair enough to us! Sign up here.

For those readers living in St. Louis, ACM 2K4 Kickoff – PoweRead by Warfactory LAN Party – is catering for 120 registered gamers with only 26 prepaid so far. Both UT2003 and CS tournaments are officially hosted, catering for both sides of the FPS fence. Take a look.

Last but certainly not least, the largest event being held this weekend is the popular AsylumLAN in Evansville Indiana. Although it sold out a month ago with 180 Gamers, it nonetheless looks to be an excellent event, one which at least one THG staff member is sure to be attending for on-site coverage. More information can be found here.



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