Mac OS X for Intel leaked, cracked

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Mac OS X for Intel leaked, cracked

A new variant of Mac OS X for Intel began surfacing on Internet sites early Thursday, boasting the ability to run on any x86 based computer. The leak has apparently been cracked to bypass the protections that prevent Apple’s development kits from running on any unofficial system.

BetaNews, running the short story with a link to a French Internet site appears to mix up some code-names floating around security initiatives of Intel, Microsoft and the Trusted Computing Group (TCG). Intel’s upcoming security technology uses a trusted platform module (TPM) that is described as “Palladium” – a code-name that was used by Microsoft several years ago for a TCG-based DRM/security technology for Windows Vista.

To our knowledge, Intel develops its TPM, that is likely to be used in “Mactels” under the code-name “LaGrande”. Microsofts Palladium, renamed in 2002 to “Next Generation Secure Computing Base (NGSCB) and at least officially canceled in 2003, appears to have no connection to Intel-based Macintosh computers at this time.

However, the videos posted on the French site “HardMac” may be interesting to see for everyone who wants to stay up to date on developments of Intel-based Macs that are scheduled to debut officially in June of 2006.

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