Nintendo aquired by Microsoft?

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Nintendo aquired by Microsoft?

Redmond, Wash. – In a leaked email posted on gaming site, GameTilt, an inter-office memo from a Microsoft executive makes reference to the acquisition of Nintendo by the Redmond, Washington corporation. Nintendo, whose profits have been significantly lower than projections this year, was conspicuously absent from the Speaker’s Panel at the recent Game Developer’s Conference, one of the industries largest events. It was confirmed by Conference Staff that Executives from both companies met behind closed doors on March 26, the last day of the event. One industry analyst said, “The move makes total sense for both parties. Nintendo has some strong intellectual properties that would bolster the launch of Microsoft’s next-generation console.” Disappointing hardware sales as well as the mixed response to its announcement of the Nintendo DS, positioned it for take over and Microsoft is expected to take full advantage of its well established licenses. The purchase price has not yet been disclosed at this time.

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