CNN: FBI announces two arrests in Zotob virus investigation

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CNN: FBI announces two arrests in Zotob virus investigation

CNN International television is reporting this afternoon that the FBI has announced arrests of two individuals – one in Morocco, the other in Turkey – who may be related to the outbreak of the Zotob virus, as well as perhaps one other virus chain. (CNN TV)

UPDATE 12:08 pm CT:

A 21-year old resident of Turkey and an 18-year-old Moroccan national have been arrested for creating and spreading computer worms that disrupted services on computer networks of major U.S news organizations and other institutions earlier this month, the FBI announced Friday.

Farid Essebar, a Moroccan who used the screen name “Diabl0,” and Attilla Ekici of Turkey, who used the moniker “Coder,” were arrested in their home countries by authorities who cooperated with U.S. investigators in tracking the origins of the Mytob worm and its damaging variant, Zotob.

Complete details from CNN located here(CNN

IDG News Service adds the following:

Microsoft worked in conjunction with the Turkish and Moroccan authorities and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), according to a release from the company. The software vendor provided the FBI with technical information and analytical support that was then shared with Turkish and Moroccan police.

Get more information(IDG News Service via Macworld)

UPDATE 12:38 pm CT:

A news site in Morocco – the country of origin of one of the arrested suspects – reports the following:

The arrest of the eighteen year-old hacker occurred upon the request of FBI, which traced virus back to a website in Morocco, DGSN said.

According to primary investigation, the hacker had accomplices in Turkey, the motive was financial, and he acted in connivance with groups specialised in bankcards forgery. (Maghreb Arabe Presse)

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