Red Hat acquires Netscape Enterprise solutions

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Red Hat acquires Netscape Enterprise solutions

Red Hat today announced that it will acquire certain assets of Netscape Security Solutions from America Online.

The products to be acquired are derived from the Netscape Enterprise Suite and include Netscape Directory Server and Netscape Certificate Management System.

Red Hat plans to start marketing these products as part of its Open Source Architecture over the next six to twelve months.

Netscape Directory Server is a LDAP server that provides greater manageability by centralizing application settings, user profiles, group data, policies and access control information into a network-based registry. Directory Server simplifies user management by significantly reducing data redundancy. Security is also improved by enabling administrators to store policies and access control information in the directory for a single authentication source. AOL currently has directory server deployed to manage information throughout its organization.

Netscape Certificate Management System provides a security framework designed to authenticate the identity of users and ensure privacy of communications. Unlike passwords, certificates cannot be easily stolen thus they provide a more reliable method of verifying user identity and preventing identity theft. Customers utilizing the Certificate Management System include federal government agencies and AOL.

Red Hat reportedly pays $23 million for the assets.