PalmOne announces Tungsten T5

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PalmOne announces Tungsten T5

PalmOne has introduced the new Tungsten T5 PDA. The new Tungsten T5 features 256MB of flash memory, which doesn’t lose data when the device loses its charge. The T5 succeeds the T3 as PalmOne’s top-of-the-line PDA (without wireless) and will cost $399.

One of the biggest features of the new Tunsten T5 is the ability to use 160mb of the T5’s flash memory to carry files of virtually any kind around in your pocket. The T5 can now go into Drive Mode by plugging it into the USB slot of most Windows PCs. The PC should recognize the T5 as it would most USB drives and let you read or write files to the Flash memory of the T5. This is a new feature that will likely be welcomed by most users.

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