Google expands mobile search features

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Google expands mobile search features

Google has launched an new range of serach services for mobile devices. Users accessing from a device such as a cellphone will have quick access to information about movie showtimes, weather, and stock quotes, the company said.

The new service works with shortcuts – a concept that seems to be workingw ell for Google. For example, by typing [movies phoenix az], users can see a list of movies showing in the Phoenix, Ariz. area listed above the Google search results. Similarly, a search for [weather 90007] will display a four-day weather forecast for Los Angeles, Calif., and a search for a ticker symbol will display stock quotes above the Google search results.

For the future, users will soon be seeing more web page results specifically designed for their mobile phones and devices, Google said. Through Mobile Sitemaps, web developers can submit their mobile web pages for inclusion in Google’s mobile web index, enabling users to see more relevant results using Google Mobile Web Search. (THG)