Shuttle announces pico-BTX computer

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Shuttle announces pico-BTX computer

Barebone manufacturer Shuttle is first to introduce a small form factor PC based on Intel’s pico-BTX reference model. The sleek XPC SB86i, so far has only published on Taiwanese website of the company (a THG reader pointed us to this translated version), follows specifications to create a cooler and quieter device through optimized airflow. The BTX motherboard comes with the Intel 915G PCI Express chipset and supports up to two GByte DDR400 memory and SATA harddrives in RAID 0 or 1 configuration.

The casing integrates a slot for one optical drive as well as space for USB and Firewire connects and an 8-in-1 card reader.

Pico-BTX refers to the smallest reference design of the the three BTX variants. Next to BTX, micro-BTX is a design with a vlume of 12.9 liters, pico-BTX with 6.9 liters.

The most apparent difference between current designs and the BTX layout is the use of two fans inside the casing: One fan on the front is designed to pull cold air inside the chassis which then is circulated throughout the inside. A second fan on the rear pushes hot air outside the chassis.