D-Link launches 802.11g router with MIMO tech

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D-Link launches 802.11g router with MIMO tech

D-Link today introduced an 802.11g-based router and a card bus adapter that increase data throughput and range of wireless networks using MIMO technology.

The company describes its implementation as “Smart Antenna” that includes the capability to directionally focus the wireless signal at an angle towards the intended client. As opposed to a more omni-directional wireless transmission that generally propagates to the same range in all directions, the technology will allow the signal to focus towards the target device recipient and allow the signal to propagate further ranges in that direction, D-Link said.

On the receive side, the company uses advanced signal processing to ensure that the incoming signals in the new devices are efficiently reassembled. D-Link promised that also non-MIMO enabled such as the Xtreme G and AirPlus G series will benefit from the firm’s Smart Antenna tech. D-Link did not provide specifications of range and performance of the new MIMO DI-624M wireless router and DWL-G650M wireless card bus adapter. Prices for the products are set at $150 and $100, respectively.

MIMO technology is expected to be widely supported with the introduction of 802.11n, the successor of 802.11g. (THG)