Traffic to Firefox website grows 237 percent

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Traffic to Firefox website grows 237 percent

Web analytics firm Nielsen Netratings said the Firefox portion of the Moziall site saw a 237 percent spike in unique visitors to the Web site from nine months ago. While the site had about 795,000 visitors in June 2004, the number jumped to 2,68 million in March of this year.

Males dominated FireFox’s site composition during the month of March 2005. Men accounted for 71 percent or nearly 1.9 million site visitors, compared to the women who comprised of 29 percent or the minority population who visited in March 2005, according to Nielsen Netratings.

“The search for an alternative browser has grown in recent years, as the Internet’s early adopters have begun to think of the browser as something other than a commodity,” said Ken Cassar, director of strategic analytics at Nielsen NetRatings. “Firefox gives web surfers a simple tool that blocks unsolicited windows, is less susceptible to virus attacks and offers a unique means of navigating multiple sites within a single browser.”

Traffic to, the site for the Mozilla Foundation credited with developing the Firefox browser, saw a 284 percent year-over-year growth to 4.1 million unique visitors. When the latest version of Firefox launched in November 2004, drew its second largest audience with 3.4 million unique visitors. (THG)

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