Second Hand Smoke: Uhm, Intel Fails Successfully

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Second Hand Smoke: Uhm, Intel Fails Successfully

Omid Rahmat added a new post to his blog:

Following on from my comments about the sad state of tech publishing, I should sound a note of sympathy for the sad state of tech punditry. For example, Intel just announced that it made over $7 billion profit on $34 billion in sales.

“Despite its success, however, Intel faces stiffer competition from AMD with 64-bit computing and in the communications market where Intel continues to have limited success and lags the current industry leaders,” says Jim McGregor, In-Stat analyst. “This will be a critical year for Intel as it deals with a management change and reorganization, and the launch of dual-core processors for every platform.”

This is from an In-Stat press release, by the way. To be fair, it isn’t very fair to single out In-Stat, but I got the announcement before my morning cup of coffee, and I have been reliably informed by experts that my rage is a product of something that happened to me in childhood so, there’s not much I can do about it, and I certainly don’t plan on talking about the trauma of flared trousers to a stranger in order to get closer to finding my inner child.

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