Dual-cores to rule PC world by 2007, Gartner says

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Dual-cores to rule PC world by 2007, Gartner says

Following AMD’s and Intel’s announcements of dual-core processors Gartner concluded that dual-core processors will represent the majority of units shipped by 2007.

According to Gartner, dual-core processors will deliver the greatest advance in performance since the introduction of the 386 however required developers and users to test and tune their software to receive the full benefit of the performance boost.

Processor manufacturers are using dual-core designs to sidestep the challenges of increasing gigahertz clock speed. Dual-core designs leverage processor and software features that already support dual-processor operation in small servers, so the design, test and qualification cycle is shorter than for a completely new processor design, Gartner said.

The firm recommended firms ans users to test applications on dual-core platforms, ensure that adding extra processor cores do not bring licensing risks. Microsoft is generally liberal with dual-core licenses, while Oracle treats dual-core as two separate processors for licensing purposes, according to Gartner anlayst Martin Reynolds. (THG)