Analysts expect "mass migration" to VoIP

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Analysts expect "mass migration" to VoIP

Voice-over-IP (VoIP) may still be a topic for geeks and early adopters, but analysts expect the technology to go mainstream within a decade. According to In-Stat, 2005-2009 will be the consumer and small business VoIP ramp-up period, and migration to VoIP will peak in the 2010-2014 time frame. Depending on a carrier’s strategy for migration to a Next-Generation Network (NGN), migration time frames could be accelerated or delayed, according to the market research firm.

“A carrier’s NGN migration strategy is heavily influenced by factors such as the cost of maintaining the Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN), available investment funds, technology, regulatory policies, pricing trends and competition,” said Keith Nissen, an In-Stat analyst. “Each carrier will develop its own unique NGN migration strategy.”

Other analysts such as William Stofega at IDC agree that 2005 will be a ramp-up year for VoIP. However, Stofega said in a recent conversation with Tom’s Hardware Guide that carriers will need to develop strategies and applications for VoIP services for a time when market share gains will not be driven by pricing anymore. (THG)