Eidos releases Tomb Raider: Legend trailer

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Eidos releases Tomb Raider: Legend trailer

Just a few weeks ahead of E3, Eidos has released the first trailer of the reanimated Tom Raider game series. Tomb Raider: Legend has not been officially announced, but is expected to hit store shelves in versions for the Playstation, Xbox and PC later this year.

The trailer gives a first impression of the “enhanced” character design and animation for Lara Croft, the main character of the game. There is little information about the story line, but it is apparent that Lara Croft will have to master multiple environments, travel by foot or use various vehicles and of course face numerous enemies. The trailer can be downloaded at tombraiderchronicles.com.

Eidos is expected to show a playable version of the Tomb Raider: Legend at E3, which opens its doors on May 18. (THG)