Tom’s Hardware Guide interviews Pat Gelsinger

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Tom's Hardware Guide interviews Pat Gelsinger

Rumor had it that Pat Gelsinger was unhappy at his current job at Intel and was getting ready leave the company soon – or at least retire from his 26-year-long gig at the world’s largest chip manufacturer. Gelsinger, chief technology officer until January of this year and credited with driving major chip technologies into the market over the past two decades, however is not done yet, as he revealed in an exclusive interview with Tom’s Hardware Guide.

“I want a shot at running the company,” he said. There were career goals he hasn’t achieved yet and there is no sign he is abandoning those aspirations, despite his “Cinderella” career. “We still can have a bigger impact in society and touching so much more of the entire fabric of the industry,” he said.

Gelsinger also detailed his vision on multicore, which he feels will kickoff a 15-year period of new innovation and excitement in the computer industry. He also commented on the Cell processor, saying that it is likely to be “very successful as the Playstation 3 platform”, but not as a general purpose architecture. (THG)

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