Eizo releases 17" LCD for office and home use

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Eizo releases 17" LCD for office and home use

Eizo, known for its higher-end monitor products, introduced the new Flexscan L551 that offers “thoughtful” functions and is targeted at corporate and home users.

The $400 LCD comes with an automatic setup and advanced features such as automated brightness adjustment: According to Eizo, a sensor on the front bezel takes a reading of the ambient brightness and then signals the backlight to adjust the screen brightness accordingly. In a brightly lit room, a regulator increases the monitor’s brightness level, whereas in a dimly lit room it will decrease the brightness.

The contrast ratio of the L551 is 450:1, response time is 16 ms and brightness is 300 cd/m². The OSD menu offers an sRGB mode for color management with other peripherals also supporting this color space. (THG)