Pepper launches Pepper Pad

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Pepper launches Pepper Pad

Pepper Computer announced that its wireless Pepper Pad went on sale today. The company claims the device is the first portable wireless product that gives consumers instant Internet and digital media while also controlling other in-home devices.

The device weighs about 2.3 pounds and is very reminiscent of the webpad idea back in the dotcom boom times: The device integrates an 8.4″ SVGA TFT LCD resistive touch screen with 800 x 600 pixel resolution. At the core of the Pepper Pad are a 624 MHz Intel PXA270 Xscale processor as well as a 2700G media processor, 20 GByte harddrive and 256 MByte of SDRAM.

Network capability is delivered through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and IR. Further features include an SD/MMC card slot, an USB port, built-in stereo speakers and microphone, jacks for headphones, external microphone and external video display, plus a direction-pad and scroll wheel for navigation and game playing. Data entry is done with a built-in lighted thumb-style QWERTY keypad or an optional keyboard connected wirelessly by Bluetooth or wired via USB.

Power is supplied by an integrated battery that will deliver about 4.5 hours of battery life, the company said. The Pepper Pad is currently available only through for $800. (THG)