Freescale demos UWB with 60 ft range

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Freescale demos UWB with 60 ft range

Freescale Semiconductor claims to have demonstrated the industry’s longest-range commercial Direct Sequence Ultra-Wideband (DS-UWB) communications solution in a wireless projector and media blaster at the Wireless Connectivity (WiCon) World conference today.

According to the company, the solution uses “technology gains allowed by a recent Federal Communications Commission ruling” and can transmit video wirelessly across a 20 meter (60 ft) distance about double the distance of previous UWB solutions.

“The FCC’s waiver ruling in March paved the way for Freescale’s XS110 chipset to double in range, while still performing at over 110 megabits per second – a dramatic improvement for our OEM customers,” said Martin Rofheart, director of Freescale’s Ultra-Wideband Operation. “The waiver’s impact on Freescale’s future UWB products is expected to be even more significant, resulting in up to 30x improvement in power consumption, data rate and capacity for key applications.”

Once considered only a high-rate WPAN technology, UWB now appears to have more opportunities to address longer range wireless applications, such as surround sound and home entertainment.

In March 2005, the FCC approved a waiver that removes the requirement to reduce power for gated systems that burst intermittently. Freescale said it was able to take advantage of the ruling by updating the firmware of its current UWB chipset XS110. (THG)