Wireless USB spec released

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Wireless USB spec released

The Wireless USB Promoter Group today announced it has finalized the Wireless USB specification. A detailed description of the technology now is available to the public and device manufacturers. According to the organization, the specification will now transition to the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) to undertake certification, compliance testing, logo licensing and marketing for Wireless USB (WUSB).

WUSB is designed to complement wired USB with similar functionality and backwards compatibility. The Wireless USB Promoter Group believes WUSB will be adopted for PC, consumer electronics and mobile device applications with first products expected to be available by the end of 2005.

Jeff Ravencraft, chairman of the Wireless USB Promoter Group said that product development is currently underway. “The first implementations will be in the form of discrete silicon that is being introduced in a number of form factors such as add-in cards, external adapters and embedded silicon modules for integrated solutions,” he was quoted in a statement.

According to the Wireless USB Promoter Group, WUSB is based on the WiMedia MAC convergence architecture, using the WiMedia Alliance’s MB-OFDM ultra wideband MAC and PHY. The technology will deliver speeds equivalent to wired Hi-Speed USB, with bandwidths of 480 Mbit per second at 3 meters (9 ft) and 110 Mbit per second at 10 meters (30 ft). (THG)