Asus’ Athlon64 notebooks not supporting Windows XP x64

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Asus' Athlon64 notebooks not supporting Windows XP x64

The plain fact that you own a PC with a 64-bit capable processor may not be enough to also run the 64-bit version of Windows XP. A reader pointed us to this story at OS News, where apparently an Athlon64-based Asus notebook is not able to install Microsoft’s most recent operating system.

We have checked back with Asus and received a confirmation that the devices in fact do not support the software at this time. “We are working on Windows 64-bit on our notebook platforms and will announce our plans for this support in the coming weeks,” said Rick Allen, spokesperson for Asus.

He said that Windows XP x64 was not supported at this time and he was not able to provide a final list of models that will offer support in the future.

AMD did not comment on the Asus notebooks directly and maintained its position that it provides products that are compatible with 64-bit software. “All AMD64 processors are compatible with all major 64-bit OSs currently available, including 64-bit OSs from Microsoft, major Linux vendors and Solaris,” said AMD spokeswoman Cathy Abbinanti.

According to Asus’ tech support, a missing option in the BIOS settings for the Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller (APIC) is the reason for currently lacking 64-bit support. (THG)