Infineon shows first standard compliant 100 Mbit VDSL2 chip

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Infineon shows first standard compliant 100 Mbit VDSL2 chip

Infineon announced that it is extending its DSL-portfolio with Vinax, a VDSL2/ADSL2+ end-to-end solution. Infineon claims Vinax is the industry’s first chipset that is fully compliant to VDSL2/ G.993.2 (Very-High-Bit-Rate Digital Subscriber Line 2), a standard consented today by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

VDSL2 is a key enabling technology for Triple Play services such as multi-channel HDTV, on-line/on-demand gaming and video applications, VoIP and high-speed Internet access. Vinax uses the full VDSL2 frequency spectrum of up to 30 MHz and provides a bandwidth of symmetric 100 Mbit per second over copper wires at distances greater than 350 meters or 1150 ft – which is about twice the loop reach performance of existing VDSL solutions.

The new transmission standard VDSL2 (G.993.2) is solely based on DMT (Discrete Multi-tone Modulation) technology. It provides the long-reach capabilities of the ADSL2+ technology while improving the high data rates of VDSL from 70/30 Mbit/s to symmetric 100 Mbit/s. In order to carry such high bit rates within a reach of up to 350 meters the VDSL2 frequency spectrum has been increased from 12 MHz to 30 MHz.

Vinax chips are offered in BGA/TSSOP and LBGA packages. Samples are available now, volume production is planned for the third quarter of Calendar Year 2005, Infineon said. (THG)