AOpen intros Mini PC, ATX Pentium M mobo

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AOpen intros Mini PC, ATX Pentium M mobo

It is nothing new that Apple is in a class of its own when it comes to product design. And once in a while, the company also creates a product that is successful not only among Apple users. Other than the pretty “Cube” five years ago, the iPod and most recently the Mac Mini are such candidates.

While we got used to iPod imitations, the Mac Mini apparently is getting copied as well. Intel presented a Yonah-based Mini PC at its Spring developer Forum and AOpen showcased its own Mini PC at this year’s Computex. The company said it developed the device – sized 3.9 x 3.9 x 1.9 inches – in cooperation with Intel and equipped it with a single-core Pentium M processor (Dothan) as well as a DVD burner and a 2.5″ harddrive.

Other standard features include a mini-PCI 804.11 a/b/g wireless communication module, Bluetooth support, DVI, S-Video, and YPbPr connectors for HDTVs. There is no indication t this time that AOpen Mini PC will see production anytime soon.

The company also introduced the first ATX motherboard for Pentium M processors. The i915Ga-HFS integrates a Socket 479 Pentium M (Dothan) processor, Intel’s 915G desktop chipset, and ICH6 I/O controller. The board supports DDR2-400 and DDR2-533 memory. Pricing has not been announced. (THG)