Verizon expands 30 Mbit broadband service in New Jersey

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Verizon expands 30 Mbit broadband service in New Jersey

Fiber-based Internet broadband connections are becoming more and more a reality – especially in the Eastern states of the country. Verizon announced that it is expanding its fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) networks and will begin offering 5 Mbit, 15 Mbit and 30 Mbit downstream connections in New Jersey.

The new service, named “Fios” uses fiber-optic connections instead of copper wire and enables virtually unlimited bandwidth. The infrastructure is limited mainly through the capability of backend systems. Verizon said that the technology will enable the company to enter local TV provider business: According to the company, “Fios TV” will be available in markets where Verizon has negotiated cable franchise agreements with local authorities.

Broadband Internet pricing will begin at $40 a month for a 5 Mbit/2 Mbit (downstream/upstream) service. 15 Mbit/2 Mbit are priced at $50, 30 Mbit/ 5 Mbit run for $200. (THG)