Did YouTube Kill the Video Search Platform Industry?

When consumers continuously cross paths with industry giants, it’s easy to forget that anything else exists. For example, if you’re looking for a search result, you likely turn to Google. If you need to do a bit of online shopping, you end up browsing Amazon. Want to find a piece of video content? More likely […]

How to download the latest Vidmate App?

Everybody loves to watch YouTube videos. YouTube has much to offer and hence it has become one of the best websites for videos. With the new technology and 4G in India, more and more people are becoming part of this video hosting website. But if you like some videos and want to download it to […]

Parents: Making YouTube Safe for Your Child

Even though YouTube is mostly innocuous, a dark side which is not known to many exists, and your ward’s curiosity, if not properly nurtured can prove to be deleterious in the long run