The Pitfalls Of A Web Development Project

These are the experiences of a layman who has paid the price for presuming he knew enough about web development to manage his website projects. My first projects started with me seeing a cool template that I liked, getting excited, and automatically over simplifying the whole process of launching the project. The result was spending […]

7 Best PHP Frameworks for Web Development in 2019

PHP is one of the web’s most popular frameworks, powering everything from Facebook and Pinterest to Wikipedia. It’s also the framework that’s used to power WordPress, which itself powers 20-30% of the web. In fact, study found that 80% of the web is powered by PHP, and despite it turning 25 years old this […]

Reasons why many developers are turning to PHP

Many businesses and online magnates, including Yahoo, Facebook, Flickr, and Wikipedia have been built through PHP – as a result of the simplicity, affordability, and the enhanced security that it offers. Here are the reasons why you should consider using PHP for your next project.

Importance of Web Designing in Making Your Business Profitable

This task of designing the website is carried on by web and IT professionals. They have ample experience and can make your website aesthetically attractive. It is necessary that the visitors find your website eye-catching and user-friendly. This is of paramount importance if you want more and more of customers to view your content.

5 Online Tools for Growing Your Web Design Company

When choosing your tools, you need to find the right ones so you can produce exceptional results. Finding these tools is not difficult, all you need to do is determine whether they meet the needs or address the pain points you have.

Web Development Companies: A Quick Guide

t does not matter if you’re getting your website done from scratch, working with recruiting firms or getting your car fixed: your web development company isn’t a group of slaves that you can order around. And, they are your partner – You provide them money while they provide their skills and expertise.

Web Developers: Empower Your Clients With These 4 Strategies

In the past, this was difficult because these environments weren’t DIY friendly and it was easy for a client to mess things up. Today, it’s safer to empower your clients by providing unrestricted access. Here are 4 tips to empower your clients without risking the web asset: