How To Protect Your Personal Data With A VPN?


The internet is a great tool whether it’s working remotely, keeping in touch with family and friends or gaining access to the latest movies and streaming them. However, while there is a great deal of good there is a downside too. Hackers and thieves utilise the internet for their own means. While virus and malware […]

VPN Faceoff: Getting the Most for Your Business

VPN abstract analysis analytics business concept

Business is work and work is difficult. What is even more difficult is the effort and time required to see your startup  grow. Funds invested, leisure denied, business solutions engaged and expert help paid for. After all of these efforts and more, the last thing you need is not to make the most of any […]

The uses of VPN in the home, and why you should have it

VPN gives you a layer of safety on top of everything that is provided by your internet and gadget provider. It obscures even further any online activities that you are performing by creating a further encryption layer between you and any potential cyber spies. Many people are aware of the benefits of using a VPN […]

Why British VPN Service Usage Is Skyrocketing

If you’re concerned about your online safety and security, resources about internet usage privacy like would be a good place to start learning about virtual private network (VPN) services. As the governments in the United Kingdom and the United States become more aggressive in accessing their citizens’ internet usage data, the demand for VPN […]

How to protect your data when browsing on public Wi-Fi

Although public Wi-Fi networks are very convenient and can be a blessing for many people, most internet users are not aware of just how dangerous a public Wi-Fi network can be. There are a lot of security issues and it is very easy for someone to collect your data whenever you connect to a public […]

Benefits of Getting a VPN Trial before purchasing it

VPN services come in different forms and sizes. All VPN services are different considering that they all offer different features and are available at different prices. Which is why it is necessary that you start off with a VPN Trial.

Tackling the top 8 VPN myths of 2018

VPNs are all the rage these days especially after the EU’s GDPR took effect earlier this year. Many new users have started dabbling in the software and, no doubt, have encountered several myths regarding Virtual Private Networks. VPNs have been around since 1996. They’ve protected and secured people’s connection to the Internet and have evolved […]

Why Growing Businesses Should Use PureVPN

Online presence is really important in the modern era, but such presence can also make your business a target to dangerous threats lurking online. Learn how you can avoid them with PureVPN.

Get cheaper flights with a VPN

Airlines and flight comparison websites often offer different prices to people booking from different locations. So, how do you play the system to ensure that you get the most for your money, without breaking any rules? The best way to do so is by using VPN.

3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Using Free VPNs

Free always sounds great to us and we are often attracted towards free services offered on the web. While not all are bad, there is some strategic planning behind brands being generous enough to provide free service. It could be for gaining popularity, creating more users or ranking higher on the search results, which is […]

What are the Hidden Risks of Using Free VPNs?

While you may be tempted to try out a free VPN service, the truth is they actually make you less safe. Learn more about the risks these so-called free VPNs can pose and how you can avoid them.

How to tell if your VPN is trustworthy

Worried about your online security? You should be. 2017’s shaping up to be the worst year in history when it comes to data breaches. From the Wanna Cry ransomware attack in May to the Equifax hack last month to ride-sharing app Uber’s recent privacy fiasco, there’s never been a better time to use a VPN.