Three Shopping Habits E-Commerce Has Not Killed

There is no doubt that e-commerce is on the advance. Some even believe that retail is dead, I personally still believe that there is life in the old dog yet, but that is a different topic. Although a lot of people turn to online shopping, mainly because of convenience, studies have shown that brick and […]

3 Ways Technology Can Make Us Cooler, Smarter and Faster

We are finally at a place where technology can help us become faster, smarter and healthier. There are even wearable technology options to help us cool down or warm up. Beating the Heat If you have ever worked outside in the summer or have had the pleasure of working in a warehouse, construction job, or […]

What is FinTech Software?

Modern FinTech solutions are able to massively speed up tired old processes and, most importantly, reduce the costs involved for everyone who is a part of a transaction.

How games have influenced modern culture

The gaming industry is one that has always been in a state of evolution. To keep up with demands and cultural shifts, games developers have had to keep abreast of trends, technological developments and patterns in consumer behavior.