United Markets Capital Review

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Since incorporation in 2016, UM Capital has continuously harnessed technology and employed personnel with impressive financial track records to provide clients with a dynamic trading and investment platform. And more importantly, the company places great emphasis on a personal approach that provides requisite human interaction for each client. It is considered a virtue that is […]

10-Capital Review – A Comprehensive Broker for Your Trading Needs

Have you decided to become a trader? If you are ready to begin, you first need to look for a broker because they can provide you access to a platform from where you can invest in the market of your choice. The problem is that choosing a broker can be a tough decision to make […]

Newbie Trading Mistakes

The trade went the other way, and you lost. If you’re new to trading and experiencing consistent losses after leaving your broker’s demo platform, there’s probably a reason for that.

Become a Successful Trader With 4XFX

the security measures on 4XFX has made this platform a reliable choice for traders all over the world because it implements the strongest encryption and keeps all information safe and private.

CFD Trading for Beginner

One of the first things to understand about CFD trading is that the trader never owns the share or commodity that they are trading with. The aim is to make a judgement call about the value of the asset and whether it will go long (increase in price) or go short (decrease in price).

7 Day Trading Tips for Beginners for Success

When you think about day trading, opportunities to buy and sell are only
going to be available for a short period of time during the day. Keep reading down below, to know the top tips in order to be successful in
the big, wide world of day trading.

Trading Trend or Range

To be successful at trend trading you must have an incredible amount of discipline and willingness to stick it out as long as it takes to work.